The Pi Eye Kit

The Pi Eye Kit is a prototype kit for experienced makers and others who have some capabilities for completing this project on their workbench. It requires some drilling and fabrication which currently is a little beyond a “Batteries not included” type of product. The first production run is available, but limited to a small number of units. For details on what’s in the kit look at the Bill of Materials page and then take a look at the assembly instructions.

We are offering this kit a little bit above the cost of components. Many of the parts are available on Amazon or eBay, but the two circular support plates are a unique part of the design and only available here.

If you get the kit you’ll need these items to complete the project:

  • Raspberry Pi (Version 3 recommended)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera (Version 2 recommended)
  • Raspberry Pi Power Supply (2.5 amp recommended)
  • Mounting stand (A tripod, CCTV mount or locally fabricated mount)
  • Sense-Hat Board (optional)
  • Sense-Hat Extender Pins (optional)
  • Thin HDMI Cable
  • Eye Skin

The cost for the initial prototype kit is $40.00 plus $13.60 for priority mail postage (US only). You can order and pay for one using this PayPal link or Local pickup only.